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This is just a quick thank you to everyone who joined us for the NATA-RALLY versione 3.1. Check back with us again, as we try to collect some pictures of the event and work on a proper thank you to post here soon.

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One more thing! If you enjoyed our wonderful Moto Olympics event, please read Dave’s short overview below and watch the video. Cheers!

Moto Olympics

Dave Walters 6-20-2021

Japan is having a time trying to host the COVID Olympics. They have spent a lot of money building venues for the events. But athletes bring an unwanted guest with them as they pursue the gold. Some say, “Why invite the virus into the country?” while others think vaccines and public health measures provide protection. But we Guzzitsis had no such conundrum. Just put out a call for a NATA rally and dare them. Better yet, tell them they shouldn’t do it. Works every time!

Any experienced rider knows it’s easy to go fast. The straighter the highway the easier. The next easiest is navigating sweepers, preferably to the left. As we descend the scale from easy to difficult, the third is sweepers to the right, followed by increasingly tighter turns, all on camber. It gets more difficult when the turns are off camber (the road tilted right but requiring a left turn). But the slower you go the degree of difficulty goes up exponentially. Going fast would be fun for our Olympics but what fun would easy be? So, our Olympics called for people to go slow.

Let’s make them do something while trying to balance a 500 pound motorbike at under five miles per hour! With an eye to skill, silliness, and a healthy challenge, our team of experts put together three tasks to measure the skill of our cast of characters: slow speed bag toss, an Easter Egg pickup and return, and slow speed race. A touch down resulted in a DNF (did not finish) and elimination from the next round. Not to be outdone by the IOC, our host even had medals for the winners in each category.

Oh no! The winner was on a Honda! What! Looks like we might have forgotten a rule about bike qualifications for our Moto Guzzi 100th Anniversary Celebration.

Here is a video of the festivities: